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Healthcare Organizations

Building Working Relationships

This one-day workshop for development staff who work with physicians, nurses, and other health professionals emphasizes concepts, processes, and skills for building strong working relationships that lead to increased philanthropic contributions. All content for this workshop is derived from privately-funded research into the dynamics of physician-development professional relationships; how to connect with physicians and build trust; the psyche of physicians as it relates to philanthropy; fears, concerns, and predictable questions physicians have about engaging in fundraising; and describing philanthropy in a way that connects with physicians.


Understanding Physician Relationships
Participants discover how physicians think and the life experiences and training that drive behavior, leveraging this understanding to build trust-based relationships with physicians.

Working Together
Participants explore strategies for building highly productive working relationships with physicians.

Avoiding Self-Sabotage
Participants examine things development professionals do regularly that may damage their working relationships with physicians.

The Etiquette of Referrals
Participants discover the "rules" of physician referrals of patients to other physicians, and how those unstated rules apply to physician referrals of patients to development.

Managing Referrals
Participants identify how to call on a patient referred by a physician, how to manage a productive patient visit, and strategies for managing an effective follow-up with the physician.

Development Science
Participants learn how to explain development from a scientific, process-based approach that makes sense to physicians.

Coaching Physicians
Participants explore methods for working with physicians to prepare for and manage effective donor visits.

Motivation to Meaningful Healthcare Philanthropy
Participants gain an understanding of the healthcare experience from the patient/family member's perspective in order to create opportunities for engagement.

Creating Appropriate Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants examine concepts for working with physicians to create gratifying experiences for donors that inspire more and larger contributions.

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