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August 28, 2015

How to Get Your Dean Involved in Fundraising

How to Get Your Dean Involved in Fundraising

Engaging deans and other academic partners in fundraising is a difficult task. It is as much about changing their opinions and misunderstandings as it is about getting their time. Rather than taking this task on alone join your dean at the Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders workshop.

During this session, deans are joined by their peers from across the U.S. and beyond to discover how they can be an integral part of philanthropy at their institutions, and more importantly, how philanthropy will benefit them and their programs. By focusing on the potential outcomes, this workshop leaves deans enthusiastic to begin their role in fundraising.

Once deans and other academic leaders embrace a donor-centric, process-based approach to philanthropy, they see the world differently. This “fundraising thing” isn’t about what we can get from donors for a specific project, but instead about engaging donors to make a difference in a way that is meaningful to them and significant to the institution.

As a particularly effective dean shared with us after participating in this session, “You put science into what I see as art. There is a process and it can be understood.”

By participating in the workshop as a team, you and your dean begin building a professional partnership and lay the foundation for a robust working relationship into the future.

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