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October 16, 2018


Fundraising "Ghouls" or Goals?

As Halloween approaches, it’s easy to be frightened by the ever-present witches, ghosts, and goblins. We were taught to beware of these things from childhood, and even though we know these aren’t real, we can sometimes fall into habit when surrounded by glimpses of Halloween.

Similarly, we can also fear fundraising when we start to believe what isn’t real. While it’s flattering to think that development professionals are the make-or-break component of why a donor supports an institution, project, or program, the fact is that there are many reasons a donor may or may not contribute.

While a development professional is certainly a critical component of the development process, we are simply just that—a component. However, we have a very important job. We are the connection to the organization. We uncover donors’ deep-seated passions and discover how they can fulfill those passions by engaging with our organizations. We make it possible for donors to contribute through the organization to make a real difference in the world.

Click on the button below to watch a video that is a great reminder of the donor's desire to make a difference by engaging philanthropically with an institution. As you’ll see, the donors are thrilled to be a part of the Florida Opportunity Scholar initiative and changing the lives of young people. But you’ll also notice that they didn’t give because of a particular development professional. Rather, they gave because the initiative enabled them to accomplish something meaningful by connecting with their their passion to help underprivileged youth.

When we realize that we are only a part of the donor’s experience and that they contribute for their own reasons, it becomes much less scary to engage with donors throughout their journey. Next time you are feeling afraid of asking the donor for something—a contribution, meeting, or simply advice—remember that it’s not about you.

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