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December 22, 2015

Personality Profile Insights for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

Personality Profile Insights for the Ho-Ho-Holidays

The spirit of giving is alive and well in the beloved character of Santa Claus. Benevolent and jolly, he gives gifts to those of us who have behaved well enough throughout the year to earn a spot on the coveted “Nice List.”

When we make our holiday wish lists, we often think more about ourselves—the asker—than about Santa—the giver. This year, we might have better odds of success if we think about Santa’s PDP profile traits before we send our requests to the North Pole. Let’s explore Santa’s Personality Profile to find out some of the best ways to interact with Jolly Old Saint Nick.

PDP Profile Chart

Santa is agreeable, attentive, and accepting of everyone. He runs an entire North Pole toy factory by guiding the elves with a collaborative, modest style. Don’t be afraid to be honest and straightforward about what you want, because Santa is eager to help!

Santa spends about two months of every year making the mall circuit, but the rest of the year, no one sees or hears from him! His extroversion is flexible—Santa enjoys spending time with people, but he likes being alone, too. Be friendly and sincere, just like Santa, and he will feel most at ease.

Santa has been doing his job for a VERY long time—and what a complicated job it is! His PDP reveals that he is constant, steady, and warm. Because he is so thorough, it’s important to give him only a few details. Don’t send Santa a very long list to choose from, or he might not decide in time for the holidays!

Santa has a lot of rules (think: detailed “Naughty and Nice” list), and his combination of holiday magic and careful, orderly planning enables him to deliver presents all over the world in a single night! Since Santa is a “rule” person, it is a good idea to use proper etiquette and your very best manners!

We at Advancement Resources wish you all a magical holiday season. Thank you for your continued partnership. We look forward to serving you in 2016!

Our PDP guide features information on best practices for working with donors with high levels of each behavioral trait. Select a trait below to begin your exploration.

High Dominance—The Direct Decision-Maker

High Dominance—The Direct Decision Maker

High Extroversion—The People’s People-Person

High Extroversion—The People's People-Person


High Pace/Patience—The Gracious Giver

High Pace/Patience—The Gracious Giver

High Conformity—The Detailed Donor

High Conformity—The Detailed Donor

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