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August 18, 2014

Getting to Know You

Getting to Know You

Summer is a great time to do activities that you don’t have a chance to do during the rest of the year: Vacationers hit the water in droves to go fishing, boating, or swimming; families pitch tents or set up RVs and enjoy the great outdoors; and airports are filled with travelers visiting favorite places.

In the development field, knowing bits of information about potential donors, such as what kinds of things they like to do during the summer, can tell you a lot. While rapport building can pose a challenge as we move past surface-level topics to discover what is truly meaningful to a potential donor, this phase actually holds great opportunity. By asking high-value questions—questions that are both meaningful to the donor and informative for you—while establishing trust-based relationships, we can create deeply meaningful philanthropic experiences for donors. This in turn drives greater engagement and more impactful contributions.

For example, instead of asking donors what they did over the summer, ask what was the best experience they (and their family) had this summer.

This month, practice turning information-gathering questions into high-value questions. Discover what kind of contribution would be most meaningful to a donor by making the most of every question you ask.

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Advancement Resources
on 08/21/14
Yes, we just published our second edition of our new Monthly Philanthropic Newsletter. We are glad you found this to be valuable. Please forward it to your colleagues. Thanks Vicki!

Vicki Weaver
on 08/21/14
This is a great suggestion! Is the monthly newsletter something new? I like it!

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