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March 18, 2016

Featured Organization: Rady Children’s Hospital

Featured Organization: Rady Children’s Hospital

The largest children’s hospital in California, Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, has a rich history of transformational philanthropy. The hospital is named for the Rady family, who in 2006 contributed $60 million to enable the hospital to continue along a path of excellence in medicine and patient care.

Rady Children’s Hospital began its relationship with Advancement Resources in 2011. One of the main objectives of the partnership has been to improve the referral process and strategy in order to better serve the grateful patient and family population.

Patients and families who experience extraordinary care at Rady Children’s often feel a desire to respond to that life-changing experience through an expression of gratitude. In order to accommodate the need many patients feel for connection, healing, and reciprocation through philanthropy, a referral-based medical philanthropy program, or “grateful patient and family program,” is a vital part of the hospital’s culture.

In partnership with Advancement Resources, Rady Children’s has held workshops to train leaders, physicians, and other health professionals to recognize opportunities to broker meaningful connections to the Foundation when patients and families express a desire to become engaged. They have also hosted workshops to reinforce a donor-centered approach to fundraising among a variety of audiences, including Foundation staff, medical science researchers, and board members.

The Professional Development Plan for Rady Children’s Hospital

“Advancement Resources has been an instrumental player in Rady Children’s philanthropic strategy over the last five years, and even more so as we gear up for a big campaign. Advancement Resources’ development plans have helped my staff and the hospital’s medical professionals unite around a philanthropic strategy that has moved us from a transactional style of giving to a transformational model.”

– Steve Jennings
Senior Vice President & Executive Director,
Rady Children’s Hospital Foundation

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