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June 16, 2016

Featured Organization: The University of Vermont Medical Center

Featured Organization: The University of Vermont Medical Center

The University of Vermont Medical Center’s mission is to improve the health of the people of Vermont and northern New York by integrating patient care, education, and research in a caring environment.

The UVM Medical Center has long recognized that philanthropy is an important part of advancing patient care. To develop this element further, the team partnered with Advancement Resources over the past three years to engage key constituents in a donor-centric model of philanthropy.

During the partnership, the UVM Medical Center Foundation trained physicians, researchers, nursing leadership, and development in order to deepen commitment to the mission and to communicate appropriate and ethical roles in philanthropy. The Foundation also leveraged the training environment to further the working relationships between development professionals and health professionals.

"We’re trying to set a tone, through the work of Advancement Resources and its curriculum, to say, ‘It’s not about me.' This is how we go about our work; it’s about the donor and their interests, and our job is to make the best match."

—Kevin McAteer
Chief Development Officer, Academic Health Sciences
UVM Medical Center Foundation & the UVM Foundation

The team at Advancement Resources has learned much from its partnership with the UVM Medical Center. One of the most inspiring opportunities has been witnessing the evolution of the strategic merger of the development operations at the hospital, the colleges of medicine and nursing and health sciences, and the university over the past several years. Planned and developed with the patient, community, health care provider teams, research and educational teams, and donors in mind, they have set a new standard of excellence in this area.

The Training Plan:

* New title: Dynamics of Clinician Engagement.

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