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April 16, 2015

Featured Event: White Memorial Center for Hispanic Health Gala

Featured Event: White Memorial Center for Hispanic Health Gala

Mindseye Project Partners was honored to partner with White Memorial Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA, to create a centerpiece video for an exciting new initiative. This video was created to inspire philanthropy in support of a Center for Hispanic Health, and was showcased as part of an annual gala event.

This center will be the first of its kind dedicated entirely to researching the health needs of the local Hispanic community, and to eliminating the health disparities that exist within this and other underserved populations.

White Memorial sought to provide a meaningful experience that would engage and inspire attendees, and the gala video played an important role. “We’re in Los Angeles, so we weren’t lacking in options for production studios. We wanted more than that,” explains Charitable Foundation President, Mary Ann Chern. “We chose Mindseye to produce our gala video because of their deep understanding of the donor audience and for their ability to capture the emotion of our vision.”

By sharing a story of impact and first-hand experience, White Memorial was able to create a picture of the positive change they could make in their community—without a focus on sketches, models, and blueprints.

The gala video was woven into the event program to share the excitement and importance of this vision, as well as create an atmosphere of connectedness and possibility.

Featured Event: White Memorial Center for Hispanic Health Gala Video

Click here to watch the video.

This video piece demonstrates the power of storytelling through carefully interwoven narratives that work together to communicate a compelling vision for the future, create an emotional connection to the cause, and inspire the viewer to action.

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