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Academic Institutions

Philanthropic Practices for Deans and Other Academic Leaders

Subset of Professional Fundraising for Deans and Academic Leaders

In this four-hour workshop, deans, faculty, and other academic and organizational leaders explore concepts, tools, and skills essential to their critical roles in the donor development process. Participants discover concepts for articulating their compelling Opportunity Story in meetings with donors and other scenarios, building a development culture, and a deeper dive into providing meaningful return on philanthropic investments (ROPI).

Prerequisite: Insight Into Philanthropy


Participants review key concepts from Insight Into Philanthropy.

Optimizing Donor Meetings
Applying the 5-step donor meeting process, academic leaders and development partners discuss how to optimize donor visits and work together most productively.

Carrying Your Vision Into the Community
Analyzing different delivery styles, participants explore how to present the vision as a compelling Opportunity Story to different situations and audiences—in donor meetings, at events, and in other social situations.

Building Your Development Volunteer Program
Participants examine current trends in volunteer engagement and five keys to building a highly effective development volunteer board.

Creating Highly Personal Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants explore advanced concepts in providing meaningful return on philanthropic investments (ROPI), including providing personal impact experiences and setting and meeting appropriate expectations.