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Philanthropic Practices for Endowed Faculty

Designed for endowed faculty to attend along with a development professional, this 3-hour, highly interactive workshop explores the critical roles faculty members play in the donor engagement process. Emphasis is placed on creating gratifying experiences for donors that inspire continued and larger contributions. Throughout the session, participants apply learning concepts to real-world donors and create a post-workshop action plan.


Key Perspectives in Philanthropy
Participants explore changes over the last 20 years that have shaped—and continue to shape—the way donors approach philanthropic decisions.

Return on Philanthropic Investment: An Overview
Participants explore concepts and fundamentals of meaningful gifting experiences that inspire future contributions. Participants are introduced to the three components of Return on Philanthropic Investment and discover their key roles in providing ROPI to donors.

Creating Meaningful ROPI
Utilizing in-depth study of the three components of ROPI, participants explore concepts, processes, and techniques for creating Personal Impact Experiences that drive deeper donor commitment. Participants also discover approaches for managing donor expectations and demonstrating respect, including methods for creating meaningful touch points.

Action Plan
Utilizing concepts, processes, and tools explored throughout the workshop, participants develop an Integrated Action Plan for their donors.