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Insight Into Athletic Philanthropy

In this four-hour workshop, participants focus on increasing their understanding of the development process and their role as a coach and leader in the athletic department. Key content will include a look at how to connect former student-athletes with today’s programs, as well as how to identify potential donors who are looking to be part of the athletic department's vision. Content will also include an analysis of how donors perceive development, and what makes donors give and give again.


An overview of philanthropy in America and discovery that every individual who is committed to the mission of the organization is important to the work of development.

Who is Responsible for Development?
Participants explore their own roles in development, with a particular focus on the first role, articulating a compelling Vision Story, and identify criteria that aid in connecting their Vision Story to donors’ passions.

Process Concepts in Development
Participants examine the process for donor development and the steps for conducting successful meetings with potential donors.

Donor Motivation
Participants discover how donors view development, philanthropy, and the engagement process, while also exploring concepts about relationships in development.

Donor Development Tools
Participants explore tools and techniques to identify potential major donors and examine the vital role of making professional referrals.

Securing Financial Commitment
Participants discover concepts and tools that turn “asks” into gains and strengthen donors’ emotional commitment and financial support.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants learn how they can create a return on philanthropic investment (ROPI) that ensures donors feel appreciated and valued and sets the stage for future contributions.