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Insight Into Philanthropy for Colleges of Veterinary Medicine

This three-hour workshop is for veterinary deans, department heads, veterinarians, and other veterinary professionals who attend in conjunction with their assigned development professionals. Content provides an understanding of philanthropy, donor motivation, grateful family concepts, and the donor development process. The workshop also directly addresses veterinary ethics, relationships, and other concerns, and clarifies the appropriate role of veterinary professionals in donor engagement.


Participants are introduced to the workshop’s research-based approach, including an overall look at academic and medical philanthropy in America.

Who is Responsible for Development?
Participants explore the various roles in development work and look at the critical roles leadership faculty, veterinarians, and scientists play in the development process and how to work more effectively with development professionals.

Process Concepts in Development
Participants study the process for donor development and the steps for conducting successful meetings with potential donors.

Understanding Donor Motivation
Participants discover how families view development, philanthropy, and the engagement process, while also exploring concepts about grateful families.

Making the Professional Referral
Participants examine the ethical concerns of veterinarians, and address how to recognize and respond to client references to engagement.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants learn how they can create a return on philanthropic investment (ROPI) that ensures families feel appreciated and valued and sets the stage for future contributions.