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Contributing to Successful Fundraising

This four-hour dynamic workshop for board members inspires and prepares participants to embrace their roles in development. It also provides the opportunity for participants to consider their own philanthropy and what they would like to accomplish with their money that would be meaningful to them.


Introduction to Donor Motivation
Participants learn the workshop’s research-based approach, discover insights into philanthropy in America, and examine the perspectives that motivate meaningful philanthropy.

Development Roles
Participants discover the unique roles of everyone in the organization, including the 6 roles for board members:

  • Learn the organization’s vision and how funding priorities will help accomplish the vision
  • Carry the vision into the community
  • Discover potential donors’ personal stories that match the organization’s vision
  • Create connections: potential donors to the organization
  • Invest time and financial support in the vision for the organization
  • Help maintain long-term relationships and provide a meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investments

Process Concepts in Development
Participants explore the psychological processes that donors experience as they grow in commitment to the organization. They also consider their own personal levels of commitment and engagement.

Connecting with Individuals
Participants work together to discover the best methods for engaging potential donors by sharing their own personal experiences and carrying the organization’s vision into the community. They also discuss the appropriate method for providing referrals to development.

Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investments
Participants learn how they can create a return on philanthropic investment (ROPI) that ensures donors feel appreciated and valued and sets the stage for future contributions.