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Coaching! An Intense Workshop for Development Leaders

CFRE: 7 Points

This rigorous, one-day workshop provides participants with a concentrated dose of coaching essentials in a fast-moving, highly interactive format. The perfect jumpstart for new managers and a great refresher for management veterans, this workshop offers tools and techniques that you can apply immediately on the job to coach your team to higher levels of performance.

Prerequisite: The Art and Science of Donor Development (ASDD)


Participants receive a pre-workshop packet that outlines the expectations for the workshop, asks participants to identify their favorite coach, to identify the key metrics their organization uses to gauge individual performance, and to bring information regarding a donor development challenge and a coaching challenge they may have in their organization.

Utilizing participants’ pre-work, this section forms an effective coach analysis and introduces four coaching fundamentals.

Apply Coaching Tools and Concepts that Drive Higher Levels of Performance
Participants analyze metrics, discover ways in which inquiry enhances their coaching, and engage in interactive teamwork to explore their donor development challenge.

Offer Different People/Situations Different Types of Coaching
Participants examine how to adapt their coaching style to be most effective, practice using the Coaching Grid, and address their coaching challenge. This section also looks at the four cornerstone behavioral traits and how they can help in adapting participants’ coaching styles.

Provide Regular, Timely, Appropriate, and Productive Feedback
Participants explore four types of feedback, practice the instructive feedback process, learn techniques for managing difficult feedback situations, and discover how effective feedback can address their coaching challenge.

Plan for Action
Participants develop an action plan for applying new knowledge and skills to meet the coaching needs of their organization.