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Hi-Po Immersion

CFRE: 14 Points

This intense, total immersion workshop is designed for high-potential development professionals and represents a major investment in building their skills and capabilities. Participants are video-recorded role-playing scenarios with an Advancement Resources facilitator. The video segments are then reviewed and critiqued by all participants. Hi-Po Immersion is limited to 12 participants. 

Prerequisite: The Art and Science of Donor Development


Participants receive a pre-workshop packet that outlines the expectations for the workshop, and asks participants to come prepared for the three video-recorded exercises.

Participants are introduced to the agenda, philosophy and ground rules for the two-day session, and conduct a personal, pre-workshop evaluation of their relevant skills.

Establish Personal and Professional Credibility
Participants explore key factors that influence how they project and how others perceive their personal and professional credibility, including attitudes, image, and competence. This section culminates with a video-recorded practice in which participants are asked to articulate their own compelling professional story and receive feedback and coaching.

Focus the Conversation
Participants review three types of Focus Statements that can be used to focus the conversation and pique donor interest, the appropriate circumstances for each, and how to transition smoothly in and out of a Focus Statement. This section concludes with a video-recorded practice in which participants share an appropriate Focus Statement for their institution and receive feedback and coaching.

Dig Deeper
Participants rotate between two critical learning experiences. One is a facilitator-led, round-table discussion in which participants share tactics for turning difficult situations that might occur in the Process for Locating Philanthropic Passion™ into positive, forward-moving experiences. The second is a video-recorded practice taking another facilitator through the Process for Locating Philanthropic Passion™ and receiving feedback and coaching.

Practice High-touch Development
Participants are introduced to the concept of touch points and the role they play in providing respect and Return on Philanthropic Investment (ROPI) to donors.

Take Action
Participants reflect on their workshop experience and establish an action plan for applying what they have learned.