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Professional Education Series

CFRE: 21 Points This groundbreaking, four-day series is ideal for development professionals of all experience and skill levels. It is comprised of three workshops designed to connect participants with the heart of philanthropy through powerful donor stories, interactive application exercises, and breakthrough techniques for raising the level of philanthropy at their institutions.

Advancement Resources’ training content is derived from our own proprietary research and intense, in-depth interviews and observations among top development professionals, academic and medical leaders, and major donors.

This workshop series is delivered over a 3- to 9-month time frame.


Donor-Centered Philanthropy
(2 days)

An online personality profile assessment tool and a preliminary workshop quiz that introduces topics that will be explored throughout the workshop.

A brief overview of the workshop, including the research and concepts that serve as its foundation.

Understanding Donor Perspectives
An opportunity to view the commitment process from donors’ perspectives.

Identifying the Right Donors
A strategy for recognizing those donors who can help your organization best achieve its mission and help you prioritize your time for maximum effectiveness.

Securing the Donor Meeting
An exploration of a variety of methods and skills for connecting with potential donors and securing meetings.

Adapting to Donor Profiles
A personal exploration of different personality styles and techniques for communicating with donors more effectively.

Building Trust-based Relationships
Skills for establishing and nurturing trust for life-long commitment to your organization.

Optimizing the In-Person Meeting
The five important steps for an effective donor meeting, featuring how to set meeting objectives, ask high-value questions, and present organizational priorities.

Locating Philanthropic Passion(s)
A clearly defined process for uncovering the deep-seated, philanthropic values of donors.

Building Donor Commitment and Making the Ask
(1 day)

An assignment distributed at the previous workshop to be completed before attending the second session. Prepares participants to apply new skills and concepts to work with real-life donors and potential donors.

Matching Philanthropic Passion(s) to Organizational Initiatives and Partnering on Evaluation
Steps for helping donors accomplish their personal goals through rewarding philanthropic opportunities, and a roadmap for moving donors from mild interest to passionate support.

Building Effective Engagement Strategies
An exploration of the important points to consider when designing an effective strategy for building donor commitment and soliciting meaningful gifts.

Securing Financial Commitment
Tools and techniques that turn “asks” into gains and strengthen donors’ emotional commitment and financial support.

Creating a Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Methods for ensuring donors feel appreciated and valued throughout their continued relationship with your organization.

Building Strategies for Donor Development
(1 day)

Online preparation and reflection to help maximize participant learning and application during workshop.

The Mindset of Academic Leaders
Explores how deans and other academic leaders think, and the life experiences and training that drive behavior.

Working Together
Examines strategies for building effective, trust-based working relationships with academic partners.

Coaching Academic Partners
Explores how to coach deans and other academic leaders on their development roles, including articulating a compelling Opportunity Story and participating in effective donor meetings.

Utilizing Strategy to Accelerate Donor Commitment
Analyzes the definition and purpose of strategy in development, and explores in-depth the Nine Navigation Points for creating donor development plans that lead to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

Strategy Application
In this hands-on working session, participants apply learning and utilize tools to create development plans for their own donors and potential donors.