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Continuing the Care

In this two-hour-and-fifteen-minute workshop, nurses and other care providers explore the difference philanthropy makes and the impact it can have in providing great healthcare. Participants also discover their appropriate and ethical roles in development, how patients who decide to become donors view philanthropy, concepts about grateful patients and their families, and the process for making professional referrals. Additionally, participants learn how they can create a return on philanthropic investment (ROPI).


Participants are introduced to the impact of philanthropy and explore the potential it has to make a difference to their patients and to the care their institution provides.

Donor Motivation
Participants discover how donors view philanthropy, development, and the engagement process, while also exploring concepts about grateful patients and their families.

Roles and Ethics
Participants explore the appropriate roles of healthcare professionals in development and clearly define ethical approaches.

Making the Professional Referral
Participants examine and practice the process for referrals of patients/family members who indicate interest in supporting the organization’s work, beginning with patient-centered care and “moments of truth” that reveal opportunities for engagement.

Creating Gratifying Gifting Experiences
Participants learn how they can create a return on philanthropic investment (ROPI) that ensures donors feel appreciated and valued and sets the stage for future contributions.