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Academic Medical Institutions

Envisioning & Articulation

Designed for organizational leaders, this four-hour workshop is a hard-working session that utilizes inspiration and tools for defining vision and gives participants the opportunity to craft a Vision Story for larger initiatives. Participants will also learn methods of articulating philanthropic opportunities in ways that are compelling to donors and potential donors.


Participants collect their thoughts about the current vision for their unit or department, and identify funding priorities that are applicable for philanthropy.

A brief overview of the workshop, including a review of the important role of leadership in the donor development process, a review of the Five Key Donor Perspectives, donor motivation, and ROPI.

Crafting Your Compelling Vision Story
Participants explore the anatomy and purpose of a Vision Story, why it is important, and what components make a Vision Story compelling. Leaders work with their development professionals to apply the model to both wider Vision Stories and individual funding priorities, utilizing the Vision Story Worksheet.

Articulating Your Compelling Vision Story
Participants examine concepts for presenting a compelling Vision Story, then analyze different delivery styles before practicing articulating their own Vision Story.

Action Planning
Participants reflect on the learning and establish a plan for applying new knowledge and skills to implement across the organization.