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Academic Medical Institutions

Philanthropic Practices for Medical Professionals

This three-hour workshop is for medical professionals who seek a deeper understanding of philanthropy and want to build skills that are a critical part of the donor development process. The workshop clarifies and reinforces roles in development and creates opportunities to practice articulating funding priorities as philanthropic opportunities that are compelling to donors.

Prerequisite: Medical Philanthropy 20/20


Participants review concepts of donor motivation and learn five key donor perspectives.

Crafting Your Compelling Opportunity Story
Participants explore the anatomy and purpose of a Compelling Opportunity Story, why it is important, and what elements make an Opportunity Story inspiring to potential donors. Participants apply funding priorities related to their practice to this model and begin developing their own effective and compelling Opportunity Story.

Articulating Your Compelling Opportunity Story
Participants analyze different delivery styles for presenting a compelling Opportunity Story and examine approaches for avoiding common pitfalls.

Making Professional Referrals
Participants continue to explore how to listen differently and identify potential donors, the ethical concerns of physicians, and the different phases of physician engagement in the development process, with a focus on physicians taking a more active role in the development process.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants consider how medical professionals can help create a meaningful return on philanthropic investment (ROPI) that ensures donors feel appreciated and valued and sets the stage for future contributions.