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Advanced Skills in Medical Research Philanthropy

Advanced Skills in Medical Research Philanthropy is a combination of large-group (up to 40 participants) and individualized consultative sessions (2-3 participants per session) that prepares medical researchers to articulate their funding priorities to donors and potential donors in a highly compelling way that inspires philanthropic support.


  • The Group Session is a one-hour, highly interactive workshop based on our industry-leading Philanthropy for Medical Science Research workshop. Researchers apply Impact Model concepts to develop their Philanthropic Opportunities, and explore concepts for articulating them in interactions with donors and potential donors.

  • The Consultative Sessions are individualized 55-minute working sessions that guide individuals or small groups (2-3 participants) in refining and honing their compelling Philanthropic Opportunities. Generally, there are one, two, or three investigators and their assigned development professional in each session. Researchers receive instruction, feedback, advice, and engage in simulated donor interactions in order to:

    • Clearly articulate their science in a way that is accessible to donors and potential donors
    • Clearly articulate their funding priorities in a way that inspires donors and potential donors
    • Refine their WOW Statements to optimize impact
    • Identify and develop HOW Components that provide opportunities for philanthropic investment
    • Identify and develop Inspiring Examples that create emotional engagement
    • Build rapport and emotional connection with donors and potential donors

Advanced Skills in Medical Research Philanthropy is conducted over a two-day period, with each scientist attending the first one-hour workshop on the first day and then participating in an assigned consultative session for approximately 55 minutes.