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Philanthropy for Medical Science Research 2

Ideally delivered 60 to 90 days after the first workshop, this five-hour session delves deeper into the psychological process of deepening donor commitment. Participants learn the steps of an effective donor meeting and continue developing Opportunity Stories to share with donors, applying new principles and techniques.

Prerequisite: Philanthropy for Medical Science Research


Review of Fundamentals from Philanthropy for Medical Science Research
Participants briefly review donor motivation, specific philanthropic roles for research scientists, and other concepts.

Process Concepts in Development
Participants examine the predictable processes that donors experience as they grow in commitment to research that results in philanthropy and prepares scientists to respond effectively to these processes.

Optimizing a Donor Meeting
Participants explore the five-step process for effective meetings with donors and potential donors, with emphasis on the key roles of researchers.

From Funding Priority to Compelling Opportunity Story
Building on the components and elements of an Opportunity Story learned in Philanthropy for Medical Science Research, participants analyze and apply methods for sharing compelling Opportunity Stories in donor meetings, large-group presentations, one-on-one conversations, and written communications.