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Patient-Centered Care: Perspectives and Outcomes

In this highly interactive, fast paced, four-hour workshop, participants explore several perspectives of patient-centered care and analyze outcomes for patients, for the health system, and for future patients and their families.


Different Perspectives and Parallel Dimensions
Participants examine different perspectives of a healthcare experience by comparing the views of care providers to the view of the patient/family. They also discuss the role empathy plays in the healthcare experience.

A Patient View of Outcomes
Participants study what motivates patients to become more engaged after their treatment. They also define a patient-centered view of ongoing engagement and its importance to patients and family members.

Building a Culture Based on the Patient-View Dimension
Participants explore the meaning of “culture” and the drivers of culture. They also quantify observable behaviors of healthcare professionals in a culture that provides meaning to patients and family members.

Providing Meaningful Connections
Participants practice the processes for accepting gratitude and making philanthropic referrals. Further, participants explore the ethical and appropriate roles of healthcare professionals in helping make meaningful connections.

Action Planning
Participants explore the implications of the learning to their daily work and plan together for application.