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Coaching, Management, and Leadership

This two-day workshop provides an analysis of your own coaching, management, and leadership style, as well as an exploration of successful coaching concepts, and discrete skills for coaching your people to higher levels of performance. This workshop uniquely features a very high-level instructional design concept that allows participants to make content adjustments throughout the workshop, with the facilitators continually adjusting to learner needs and input.


An overview of the workshop, an outline of workshop objectives, and a general introduction to effective coaching traits.

The Coaching Platform
Participants gain understanding of leadership, management, and coaching practices. Participants identify their primary leadership and management style, determine what skills need to be developed to become a more effective coach, and identify barriers that keep managers from coaching.

Personality Profiles and Adaptation Techniques
Participants examine four different personality styles and techniques for hiring and managing development personnel more effectively.

Building a Winning Development Team
Participants learn the Exploration of the Winning Development Team Model, practice analyzing their team, and explore recruiting, screening, and hiring processes.

Setting Performance Expectations
Participants write S.M.A.R.T. performance goals, apply S.M.A.R.T. concepts to their organization, and are introduced to competencies and personnel development.

Leading Through Change
Participants develop a plan for successfully leading their staff through change to desired performance.

Conducting Performance Appraisals
Participants learn how to conduct effective performance reviews with their development staff to increase performance.

Developing Your Development Staff
Participants explore concepts and skills for creating effective personal development plans with their staff.

Coaching and Feedback
Participants practice using different types of feedback, managing difficult feedback situations, and conducting motivating performance appraisals.

Action Planning and Goal Setting
Participants apply new knowledge and skills to meet the leadership needs of their organization.