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Academic Medical Institutions

Advanced Concepts in Medical Development

CFRE: 14 Points This professional, highly interactive, two-day workshop prepares medical development professionals to optimize engagement of physicians and other health professionals as development partners, and engagement of patients/family members as donors. Participants explore high-level, strategic concepts for building a grateful patient program and methods for building robust working relationships with health professionals to maximize philanthropic referrals.


A Different Perspective
Participants discover how physicians think and the life experiences and training that drive behavior, leveraging this understanding to build trust-based relationships with physicians. They also explore strategies for paving the way to productive physician engagement.

Optimizing the Referral Opportunity
Participants discover the "rules" of physician referrals of patients to other physicians, and how those unstated rules apply to physician referrals of patients to development. They also identify methods for managing relationships with referred patients and family members and strategies for conducting an effective follow-up meeting with the physician.

Process Concepts in Development
Participants learn the fundamental psychological processes that characterize donor commitment. They also discover how to explain development from a scientific, process-based approach that makes sense to physicians.

Inside a Workshop for Health Professionals
Participants review the information shared in workshops for physicians and other health professionals. They also gain an understanding of the healthcare experience from the patient/family member's perspective in order to create opportunities for engagement.

Navigation Points for Accelerating Donor Commitment
Participants are introduced to the key strategic points for advancing donor relationships and increasing effectiveness and efficiency.

Optimizing a Donor Meeting
Participants explore concepts and tactics for planning and executing highly impactful donor meetings that result in faster donor movement toward more significant philanthropy. This section includes the powerful Process for Locating Philanthropic Passion™, a clearly defined process for uncovering the deep-seated philanthropic values of donors.

Building a Culture of Philanthropy
Participants explore a framework and roles for developing a comprehensive plan for building a robust culture of philanthropy in the healthcare environment.

Building Academic-Hospital Partnerships
Participants explore the development relationship between the school of medicine/academic medical center and associated hospitals, including the roles of fundraising teams at each.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants discover new definitions of “stewardship” and explore methods of providing impactful and meaningful return on philanthropic investment (ROPI) in order to deepen donor commitment and inspire further contributions.