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Academic Medical Institutions

Navigation Points for Accelerating Donor Commitment

CFRE: 7 Points

This one-day workshop for development professionals focuses on creating and implementing strategies that lead to effective and efficient donor development. The critical elements of discovering donor motivation, analyzing personality profiles, determining the current stage on the Donor Commitment Continuum, and other donor assessment techniques are explored. These insights, in addition to working more effectively with organizational leadership, faculty and volunteers, are used to create successful and strategic donor development plans at both the macro and micro levels.

Prerequisite: The Art and Science of Donor Development  or Advanced Concepts in Medical Development


An overview of the workshop and a brief, interactive review of core concepts.

Elements of Strategy: The Overview
Participants explore the definition and purpose of strategy and the Nine Navigation Points for designing an effective strategy for building donor commitment and soliciting meaningful gifts.

Strategy Case Study
Participants work together to apply the Nine Navigation Points to design a macro-strategy for a potential donor based on case studies and assignments.

Real-life Application: The Big Picture
Participants work with partners to discuss and develop a macro-strategy for real-world potential donors.

Action Plan
Participants analyze the strategies and tactics to use with several of their real-world potential donors.