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Academic Medical Institutions

The Art and Science of Healthcare Philanthropy

CFRE: 20 Points

This three-day professional workshop for development staff who work with physicians, nurses, and other health professionals provides critical concepts, processes, and tools for optimizing philanthropy at healthcare institutions. Participants gain insight and skills that are key to engaging patients, family members, and other donors, as well as approaches and tactics to effectively engage and build robust working relationships with health professionals that lead to increased philanthropic contributions.

The Art and Science of Healthcare Philanthropy combines two of Advancement Resources’ most powerful workshops, Dynamics of Clinician Engagement and The Art and Science of Donor Development, for a comprehensive, donor-centric approach for development professionals in healthcare.


Day 1:

A Different Perspective
Participants discover how clinicians think; life experiences that drive behavior; the psyche of clinicians as it relates to philanthropy; and the fears, concerns, and predictable questions clinicians have about engaging in fundraising.

Working Together
Participants explore the dynamics of clinician-development professional relationships, identify approaches to connecting effectively with clinicians, and create strategies for building highly productive, trust-based working relationships.

Avoiding Self-Sabotage
Participants examine things development professionals do regularly that may damage their working relationships with clinicians.

The Etiquette of Referrals
Participants discover the "rules" of medical referrals of patients to other physicians, and how those unstated rules apply to philanthropic referrals of patients to development.

Managing Referrals
Participants analyze approaches to the philanthropic referral handling process and build a process strategy to maximize philanthropy and simultaneously build better working relationships with clinicians.

Key Concepts Clinicians Must Internalize
Participants gain an understanding of the key concepts clinicians must internalize about the patient/family member experience and the appropriate roles of clinicians in fundraising.

Optimizing a Donor Meeting
Participants explore concepts and tactics for potential donor conversations and working with clinicians to prepare for and execute highly impactful donor meetings that result in faster donor movement toward more significant philanthropy.

Maintaining Meaningful Partnerships
Participants examine concepts for creating gratifying clinician experiences that inspire continued and deeper engagement.

Day 2:

Donor Motivation
An examination of how donors view development, philanthropy, and the engagement process.

Adapting to Donor Profiles
A personal exploration of different personality styles and techniques for communicating with donors more effectively.

Process Concepts in Development
An exploration of the commitment process from donors’ perspectives.

Identifying the Right Donors
A strategy for recognizing those donors who can help your organization best achieve its mission and help you prioritize your time for maximum effectiveness.

Tactics for Securing an Appointment
An exploration of methods for obtaining an appointment, including discussions of the best approaches to take, how to compose effective communications, and how to conduct a telephone call productively.

Building Trust-based Relationships
Skills for establishing and nurturing trust for lifelong commitment to your organization.

Day 3:

Locating Philanthropic Passion(s)
A clearly defined process for uncovering the deep-seated, philanthropic values of donors.

Matching Philanthropic Passion(s) to Organizational Initiatives and Partnering on Evaluation
Steps for helping donors accomplish their personal goals through rewarding philanthropic opportunities, and a roadmap for moving donors from mild interest to passionate support.

Securing Financial Commitment
Tools and techniques that turn “asks” into gains and strengthen donors’ emotional commitment and financial support.

Creating a Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Methods for ensuring donors feel appreciated and valued throughout their continued relationship with your organization.