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Healthcare Organizations

Owning a Culture of Philanthropy

This interactive, four-hour workshop emphasizes leadership’s role and describes the various components necessary for building and sustaining a culture of philanthropy. It explores the variety of congruous, strategic communications that will be necessary to promote and establish philanthropy as an essential pillar of the organizational culture.


Participants review the 6-phase process for the Evolution of Commitment to a New Culture, as well as the origins of resistance to change.

Quantifying Culture: From Governing Board to Frontline Service Associate
Participants explore why culture matters in relation to philanthropy and the quantifiable fabric of engagement.

Behavioral Indicators of Culture
Participants analyze several cultural imperatives, including patient safety, customer service, empowerment, and the continuum of care as related to philanthropy.

Strategic Communication
Participants anticipate the questions that physicians, health professionals and other team members may ask as they react and adapt to changes while the culture of philanthropy is being established, and strategies for responding to these concerns.

Implementing and Sustaining the Culture
Participants identify the possible barriers to change that exist within their organization, and then form strategies for overcoming them so that the culture of philanthropy can grow and thrive.

Action Planning
Participants determine what needs to happen, who needs to own it, and where to go from here.