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Healthcare Organizations

Philanthropic Workshop for Nursing Leadership

This interactive, one- to two-hour workshop for nurse executives, directors of nursing, nurse managers, and nursing supervisors empowers these leaders to take on their critical responsibilities in the organization’s culture of philanthropy by exploring their appropriate roles in donor engagement. Participants examine the key topics of donor motivation, patient and family gratitude, and the donor development process.


Participants learn what inspires patients and families to become engaged philanthropically and the critical roles of nurses in validating these experiences.

Outcomes of Patient-Centered Care
Participants address common myths that may cause reluctance to engage with patients who wish to express gratitude. They also practice a process for accepting gratitude, which can be taught and implemented within their own units and departments.

Making the Professional Referral
Participants review the process for making referrals to the philanthropy professionals at their organization, while addressing ethical concerns and common misconceptions.

Development Roles
Participants discover the various roles in development and the critical role that nurse leaders plays in the development process.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants learn methods for ensuring patients and families who have made contributions feel appreciated and valued, setting the stage for a lasting relationship.