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Healthcare Organizations

Maximizing Philanthropic Opportunities

The Second Workshop in the Healthcare Professional Series

This two-hour workshop is for medical professionals who seek to deepen their understanding of donor motivation, referral-based medical philanthropy concepts, and best practices for providing patients with the opportunity to engage meaningfully with the organization by making the professional referral. The workshop clarifies and reinforces roles in development and creates opportunities for robust discussions, interactive application, and discovery of advanced philanthropy concepts.

Prerequisite: Medical Philanthropy 20/20


Participants review concepts of donor motivation and learn five key donor perspectives.

The Patient and Family Journey
Participants engage in an in-depth discussion of the patient and family journey, building on concepts discussed in Medical Philanthropy 20/20.

Making Professional Referrals
Participants continue to explore how to listen differently and identify potential donors, the ethical concerns of physicians, and the different phases of physician engagement in the development process, with a focus on physicians taking a more active role in the development process. This session features a focus on ways that patients and families may signal their readiness to engage more, and clearly defined processes for making ethical referrals.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants consider how medical professionals can help create meaningful return on philanthropic investments (ROPI) to ensure donors feel appreciated and valued and set the stage for future contributions.