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Healthcare Organizations

Healthcare Philanthropy 20/20

This two-and-a-half-hour workshop is for healthcare professionals who are part of a department, team, or unit. Participants experience this workshop as a team, together exploring the concepts of meaningful philanthropy and how to appropriately and effectively engage patients and family members. The workshop also provides an understanding of donor motivation and the importance of accepting patient/family member gratitude, and addresses ethical issues.


This section provides essential information about current trends in philanthropy, donor motivation, and the patient/family member perspective of the healthcare experience that drives the desire to contribute. Participants also explore the direct connection between moments of personal engagement and philanthropy.

Making the Professional Referral
This section directly addresses ethical concerns, and clarifies the appropriate role of healthcare professionals in donor engagement. Participants learn to recognize patient/family member references to engagement/philanthropy and explore the process for responding in a way that encourages engagement.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants discover the healthcare professional’s role in creating Return on Philanthropic Investment that inspires deeper commitment and greater philanthropic support.