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Healthcare Organizations

Building Your Development Volunteer Program

In this workshop, participants will review current trends in volunteer engagement and learn the Five Keys to a Successful Volunteer Program. Through activities and discussions regarding each of the Five Keys, participants outline what their organization’s volunteer program should involve and how to make it most effective. Participants should come prepared to work hard, and expect to create several immediate action items to begin building a more effective development volunteer program.


Volunteer Programs
Participants gain understanding of differences in organizational perspectives and the perspective of the volunteers themselves.

Current Trends in Volunteer Engagement
Participants review changes volunteers perceive in their roles at the institution and how they engage with their team.

Building Your Development Volunteer Program
Participants explore the Five Keys to building a successful volunteer program.

Recruit the Best Possible Volunteers for the New Engagement Model
Participants analyze approaches for recruiting the best possible volunteers, based on Advancement Resources’ research.

Establish Clear Roles and Expectations in Partnership with Volunteers
Participants examine the mission of the volunteer program, including the roles and responsibilities of volunteers, what is not required of volunteers, and volunteers’ concerns.

Exploring Volunteer Roles & Responsibilities
Participants identify concrete actions for the volunteer roles and explore ways of working with the organization to establish these concrete roles for volunteers.

Provide Volunteer Training, Tools, and Coaching as Needed
Participants analyze the interactions among academic deans, academic leaders, and volunteers.

Connect Volunteers with Engagement Opportunities that Utilize Existing Skills and Areas of Expertise
Participants identify appropriate opportunities tailored to volunteers.

Provide a Meaningful Return on Volunteer Investments 
Participants discover methods for ensuring volunteers feel appreciated and valued throughout their continued relationship with the organization.