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Nonprofit Organizations

Professional Fundraising Workshop for Organizational Leaders

This intense, full-day workshop for organizational leaders focuses on building and articulating a compelling Vision Story for their department or program. Participants also explore donor motivation and the roles that leaders play in helping potential donors make significant contributions to the institution.


Discover essential information about current trends in philanthropy, the power of meaningful philanthropy, and the critical roles organizational leaders play in successful fundraising.

The First Role
Participants explore the Vision Story model to present funding priorities as philanthropic opportunities that are compelling to potential donors, and identify criteria that aid in connecting opportunities to donor passions.

Donor Motivation
Participants examine keys to how donors view development, philanthropy, and the engagement process.

Crafting Your Compelling Vision Story
Utilizing their own funding priorities, participants begin crafting Vision Stories that compel deep and lasting commitment from donors.

Process Concepts in Development
Participants explore processes and tools for helping donors deepen commitment to their organization (project, program).

Building a Development Culture
Participants examine how different roles, including organizational leaders and volunteers, contribute to a robust culture of philanthropy within the organization.

Articulating Your Compelling Vision Story
Analyzing different delivery styles, participants explore how to present compelling philanthropic opportunities to different situations and audiences.

Securing Financial Commitment
Participants discover concepts that turn “asks” into gains and strengthen donors’ emotional commitment and financial support. Participants practice making the “ask” while considering a donor or potential donor.

Creating Meaningful Return on Philanthropic Investment
Participants learn how to create Return on Philanthropic Investment (ROPI) that ensures donors feel appreciated and valued, setting the stage for deeper donor commitment and greater philanthropic support.